Our Very First Books

We bought his first books when he was 3 months.

Initially I bought these picture and board books for him.Few have given to my little niece.


These books are with lots of colorful pictures and Rishaan used to just keep staring at them and smiles whenever I read…..within a few days whenever I used to open the books he would start making some sounds in the same tone as I would read to him.

And when he turned around 6 month we noticed he got excited when he sees something from the books in real life…..like a bus or a car or a truck.


I have not invested in very expensive board books or touch and feel books which are available in market. Instead of those I bought lots of picture books from road side which cost hardly 10 or 15 rs yes but helped a lot in identification and gave lot of visual stimulation to him and of course we had great time enjoying even those cheap quality books without any worry.

And guess what he is still attached from all these books till now.



Isn’t it nice!!!! Here are the pics.These are still with us and he still enjoy these.

So do read whatever is your child age don’t think anything and start today….it’s never too early to start.

Even a newborn will enjoy cuddling in your arms and listening as you talk.

Happy Reading!!!.

Thanks for stopping !!

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