How To Catch A Star

Book Name :How To Catch A Star

Author/Illustrator: Oliver Jeffers

Type: Picture book

Publisher: Harper Collins

Theme/Topic:This is the tale of a little boy who watches the stars and dreams of catching one. Will  he able to?


What You’ll Love About This Book :I read this story to my son when he was 3 year it’s an interesting story, though I wish it had a different ending.The pictures and artwork is amazing.So anyone can enjoy the beautiful pictures in it but story is confusing as my son asks me how he can  get a star or how he can travel in spaceship he is too young.But we both enjoyed pictures in this.So it’s a good read .Readers can fascinated by the illustrations and love to dwell on each page. It’s sort of adventure children would love to imagine themselves in and at the same time can relate to his determination – that’s possibly why they will love reading it.But yes if its available on high price then I won’t suggest.

Activities: It’s one of the famous book by Oliver Jeffers so lot of activities are available on Youtube and Pintrest.

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