Hello Everyone,
Welcome to The Journey with books-blog.

This is a kid site for children’s book reviews. Here you’ll find reviews for children’s books for ages infant up to 12 years old (and older for those of us whom are young at heart).

At times its very difficult to choose the right book.There are thousands of options available and as a Mother I am always trying to find “appropriate” books for my son.

This blog is for every parent who are in search for a good book.

My son just turned 5 and in search of good books I realized I have collected some fabulous books for him.And process is still on.

Maybe being here I could help other parents and kids looking for books for kids, find books they like.So I am going to include some of his favorite and also my thoughts on some of the books I read.

  • Please Read This Too!!!! If you do not see the book you are looking for do not worry I have just started. Tell me about it and I’ll give you my opinion. If you have any questions, ask me and I’ll try to answer it.  OR if you know of a great book I might like, let me know, I am always looking for good material!! Thank you!

***Books reviewed on this site are purchased by me, borrowed library books, books people lend to me. These are not paid reviews at all.***


  1. Putting your reviews on the various kinds of books today is an art …..an intricate interest …….I see a writer in you ….keep blogging ….keep reading and reviewing …..it would surely help us to find the perfect book for our kids…


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