Tinga Tinga Tales: Why Elephant Has A Trunk


Book Name : Tinga Tinga Tales: Why Elephant has a Trunk

Author: Claudia Lloyd

Publisher: Puffin Books

Theme/Topic: This title tells the story of Elephant’s transformation…..

What You’ll Love About This Book: This was the first story I have read in the Tinga Tinga Tales range and it is one I thoroughly enjoyed reading to my son.This story is inspired by animal stories from Africa.Entire book is so colorful and illustrations are so vibrant which are inspired by the Tingatinga artwork of Tanzania.This  is a very child friendly book with easy to understand language and beautiful,colorful pictures to compliment the story and its meaning.A funny story of how a smelly and dirty elephant got his trunk! A great lesson to teach kids that good things do come out of some bad experience. If your kids love story based on animals do read this.Its a WOW book for me for sure.

The Other Day I Met A Bear


the other day

Book Name : The Other Day I Met a Bear

Author: Michael Rosen

Illustrator: Russell Ayto

Publisher: Walker Publishers

Theme/Topic: A boy meets a bear.There is a thrilling chase and lucky escape…

What You’ll Love About This Book : This is a picture book for children who are learning to read.Frankly we didn’t like it much its very much ok. We only like pictures.Picture illustration is really good. Try once if you like.


Up And Down

Book Name: Up And Down

Author/Illustrator: Oliver Jeffers

Type: Picture book

Publisher: Harper Collins

Theme/Topic:The boy and the penguin do everything together. Until the penguin decides he needs to learn how to fly…alone.


What You’ll Love About This Book :They are adorable and genius and simple and wonderful.Just like his other books, this book is written and illustrated in Jeffers’ charming simplicity. This book makes me and my son smile the entire time.This isn’t just about a sweet friendship though. Just wonderful. The friendship between the boy and the penguin is so genuinely caring – they will do anything to help and support the other.The illustrations in this book are just adorable – the style is simple yet fun, and there are enough colours and pictures to keep kids attention focused on the book for the entire read through.4 stars for an attractive & fun picture book with a heart-warming story!



When I Grow Up

Book Name : When I Grow Up

Author : Mercy Mayer

Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers;

Theme/Topic:Little Critter’s sister dreams about all the beautiful things she will do when she grows up.She will be a Ballet Dance then a funniest clown then a world-famous dr. and many more.


What You’ll Love About This Book : Little Critter is our favourite. I have already posted a review from one of its series. The illustrations offered by Mercer Mayer on the pages of ‘When I Grow Up’ are so well done child pleasing and full of clues relating to the words on the pages.The best thing I like about this it is handy to have a child pleasing book to use to help children develop the perception that there are many achievable occupations open in life.This is the kind of book I think Not only do children will love these books, but parents love to READ THEM!!

I’ve Lost My Teddy

Book Name: I’ve Lost My Teddy

Author: Barbara Mossmann
Type: Playtime Books
Publisher : Puffin Books
Theme/Topic:Lola the baby monkey lost her favorite Teddy so she is upset and now her entire family is searching for her teddy and trying to make her happy.


What You’ll Love About This Book : This is such a cute book.I just bought it instinctively at first look I  never thought my son will love this so much.It’s very lively and entertaining.Excellent for encouraging imaginative play.To cheer baby monkey how entire family play different different games but bay won’t be happy until she finds her bear.

Activities: On every page child needs to find where Lola’s teddy is hiding.And trust me this will be so much fun.

Miss Muglee Goes To Mumbai

Book Name : Miss Muglee Goes To Mumbai

Author : Saker & Shaheen Mistri

Publisher: Vakils Feffer and Simons
Theme/Topic: A story about a lonely crocodile who went on a search for friends and happiness in the big city of Mumbai. Will she? Won’t she?


What You’ll Love About This Book : It’s a lovely read.Kids will love the bright, colorful and eye-catching illustrations. The reader is taken on a roller coaster ride of adventure and hope.We enjoyed reading it together.Well worth the price of Rs.200, especially when you realise that the sales proceeds will go to the Akanksha foundation and be used to educate underprivileged children. Worth to read!!!

Activities : Not as such but the illustrations are so colorful so coloring could be one thing a child can do.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Book Name: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Author: Eric Carle

Publisher : Puffin

Theme/Topic: One sunny day, a caterpillar pops out of an egg. He is very hungry and begins searching for food.


What You’ll Love About This Book : This is an amazing read. Yes it’s one of my son’s favorite.We read it at least more than 100 times. It’s one of the classic book loved by all children.It’s a delight to read aloud and the pictures are so pretty. Very cute and colorful must read to your kids.

Activities : Through this story you can do many activities.Counting ,coloring,finding different fruits and food items. On Pinterest you can find some amazing activities based on the story.

I Just Forgot-Little Critter

Book Name : I Just Forgot

Author : Mercy Mayer

Theme/Topic:Little Critter’s forgetfulness gets him in trouble.

I Just Forgot (Little Critter)

What You’ll Love About This Book :I Found this book quite enjoyable and amusing.Kids can relate with this character very easily.This book is about how hard it is to remember everything but he remembers what is most important;family. That is all that really matters.A great addition to any children’s library.This is again one of my son’s most favorite.We really enjoyed.

Activity :The mouse and spider both appear on almost every page and child needs to find it and its really fun to find them.



Where’s Woolly?Farmyard Tales by Usborne

Book Name : Where ‘s Wooly?

By: Stephen Cartwright

Publisher : Usborne

Theme/Topic: Woolly the sheep lives at Apple Tree Farm,but,today,Poppy and Sam can’t find her.Why not help them by lifting flaps.wooly

What You’ll Love About This Book : .The text flows seamlessly and makes the book a perfect read-aloud.I really enjoyed.Kids will enjoy the hunt for Woolly, by lifting flaps.Wonderfully entertaining illustrations.Kids will like reading this silly story about finding the sheep.

Activity: There is a Yellow Duck in every picture.Child needs to find it.