The Ugly Five

Book Name : The Ugly Five

Author:Julia Donaldson

Illustrator: Axel Scheffler

Publisher:  Alison Green Books

Theme/Topic: Meet Big Five Ugliest Animals in African Savannah

What You’ll Love About This Book:We love Julia Donaldson books (especially Gruffalo) like crazy.Recently we got this book from a nearby library and I realized you can always blindly trust Julia Donaldson to deliver a top quality kids read (that can also be enjoyed by the adults reading it to them over and over). Me and Master R really enjoy her rhyming, fun-filled tales, particularly those wonderfully illustrated by Axel Scheffler. In this one the pictures and the underlying story of the lesser-loved animals (as opposed to the famed ‘Big Five in African safaris)

Few months back I got a chance to visit Masai Mara ( so ‘R’ also heard variety of words already which are given in the book e.g Savannah,Big Five,Wilder beast etc. So reading this book to him was a so much fun.

Frankly there are many splendid animals that tourists want to see when they are on safari in Africa, but only rarely does someone long to spot the five creatures introduced in this book. One by one, they come together for a stroll on a Savannah, owning the word Ugly with pride. After all, they are rather ugly, and it might be hard to like them–unless, that is, you are one of their babies, and then, they are as handsome as could possibly be. The surprise ending of the book is what makes it and leaves you feeling all warm inside as everyone is pretty to someone.

At the end of the book it asks a questions if you went to the safari, which animals would you like to see? . It introduces children to the different gangs; the big five, the little five, the shy five and the ugly five. The children can then develop a better understanding of the different animals that live in Africa.

Though this book is not a classic one also not Donaldson’s best work but yes if your kids love picture books,love animal books and especially love Julia Donaldson’s books then don’t miss to read this.

Happy Reading!!!!

Wilbie’s Gift

Book Name :Wilbie’s Gift

Author: Sally Chambers

Publisher: Piccadilly Press Ltd

Theme/TopIc:Wilbie wants some new trainers however the arrival of a new baby in his house causes a change of priorities, how will Wilbie react…


What You’ll Love About This Book : This is a lovely book as the story is one which most young children will be able to relate to. The story tells of Wilbie’s mixed feelings around expecting a baby sister.Initially, Wilbie is very jealous of all the things his new sister has and wishes he could have new trainers instead of a sister. By the end of the story, Wilbie’s feelings change and he falls in love with his new baby sister.It also talking about new family arrivals or not always getting what we want.So if you have another baby coming can read this for your first one :-)……

Guess How Much I Love You

Book Name:Guess How Much I Love You

Author: Sam McBratney

Illustrator: Anita Jeram

Publisher: Walker Books

Theme/Topic:Sometimes when you love someone you want to find a way of describing just how much.And then you realize love is not an easy thing to measure!


What You’ll Love About This Book :A wonderful book for bedtime reading, this story captures the deep and tender bond between parent and child.“I love you right up to the moon — and back.” The cherished story of Little and Big Nutbrown Hare.Beautifully illustrated,this story is so sweet that after reading you feel little emotional.The book is adorable for my son and something we can bond together with, while reading and snuggling before bed.Love is seemingly the most intangible thing and this book does a great job of letting kids know what love might look like. It’s a classic and a favorite.

The New Pony-Usborne Farmyard Tales

Book Name : The New Pony
Author: Heather Amery & Stephen Cartwright
Publisher : Usborne
Theme/Topic:There’s a new pony at Old Gate Farm, but why does she look so sad?


What You’ll Love About This Book : I found this ok.This is another farmyard tales.Each page has two reading levels, one for beginners and one for more advanced readers.Stephen Cartwright’s illustrations give clues to the words and their meanings.There are 20 titles in this series to collect.This is one of the collectible stories for children who are just learning to read.

Activity: There is a Yellow Duck in every picture.Child needs to find it.